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Get Off the Power Grid!

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     Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Captain Ozone, the caped clean energy crusader. My mission is to help businesses and homeowners get off the power grid and create a clean energy economy.

     I’m assuming since you’re reading my webpage that you’re an eco-minded person who’s reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible. You’re probably recycling as much waste as you possibly can and maybe you’ve planted some trees in your yard or even ride your bicycle on occasion to help reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming. If I assumed correct then you’re batting close to a thousand already. How would you like to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions substantially, save on your energy bills and perhaps make a little extra money? That’s right, you can generate your own electricity without harming the environment and also sell the surplus electricity you generate back to your power company. This can easily be done by having solar panels or mini wind turbines installed on your rooftop. You’re probably thinking at this point that this may cost thousands of dollars and you can’t afford it. Well, don’t give up all hope because you may qualify for a state loan, incentive or even a grant to get electricity generating solar panels and wind turbines for your home or business. You can be the first role model in your neighborhood to own state-of-the-art energy technologies that produce zero emissions!


     DSIRE – funded by the U.S. Department of Energy – has created a database of government agencies and foundations that provide state loans, incentives and grants for you to purchase solar and wind power systems. I highly encourage you to have a looksee at these organizations and what they have to offer. If you’re interested, go to the following list of states below and click the state you live in. Then scroll down to the list of programs that may be apropos to you. The future’s looking bright!

     I was born William James Ozone on April 7, 2011.  I’m an only child and was raised on a small ranch in a rural town in America. I enjoy doing graphic design, playing poker and camping in the great outdoors. I’m here on a mission to save us from an ill-fated future.

     The 2030’s weren’t like what you saw in the sci-fi movie “Soylent Green” where in the year 2022 the world is overpopulated and totally polluted; the natural resources have been exhausted and the 7-billion people are fed with green crackers consisting of plankton from the oceans. In reality, there were more natural resources in the 2030’s than there are today, even though the world population had reached over 9 billion – thanks to advancements in genetic engineering and much stronger conservation efforts.


     Less crimes were committed in the U.S. and other countries since cash had been eliminated and money was electronic and carefully monitored. Ultra-high resolution video cameras linked into AI computers were in every nook and cranny watching everyone’s move. Most of the world had become a safer place to live in at the sacrifice of less privacy.

     The United States was no longer the first world power in the 2030’s due to our country’s excessive outsourcing of major industries. Very little had been accomplished in the world to build a clean energy economy. Since fossil fuels were touted to be the cheapest and therefore the most profitable energy sources, most of the world felt no incentive to build an economy with clean energy. Carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas from fossil fuels that’s believed to cause global warming, was reduced in the atmosphere through a carbon capture and storage technique known as carbon sequestration. This involves capturing carbon dioxide from factories and power plants and injecting it underground or in the ocean floor where it’s presumed to be stored permanently.

     Global warming never escalated in the 2030’s despite today’s popular belief that it would, but many scientists and ecologists then were concerned that enormous earthquakes would cause megatons of captured carbon dioxide to leak from where it was stored and escape into the atmosphere, causing sudden climate change.


     When crude oil began to dwindle in supply on land by the late 2030’s, it shot sky high in price, triggering a nuclear world war over control of several oil fields situated in two countries. This war wiped out 11% of the world population in the fall of 2038. I cannot identify the nations that were involved in the war because it will only incite fear and hatred between these nations at present. For the same reason, I cannot identify the two countries the oil was situated in that these nations were warring over. Furthermore, a space-time continuum conundrum could very well occur if I were to identify these nations, or even make known who was President of the United States during the war.

     If all our nations had become energy self-sufficient by the 2030’s through clean energy technologies, the war could clearly have been avoided. Instead, our nations relied on the cheapest, most profitable energy sources and swept their greenhouse gases under the carpet.

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     On March 5, 2039, I was woken early in the morning and escorted to the Hexagon building (the Pentagon was remodeled into a six-sided building then) where I met with General Landrew Carter and other officers. We sat around a large table and had a briefing about a mission they wanted me to accept. My mission was to go back in time to avert the nuclear war. My primary task was to deliver schematics of highly efficient clean energy systems to the world in 1989, then return back home. These schematics would allow the world in 1989 to leap fifty years ahead technologically with clean energy, giving every nation energy independence and eliminating the need to war over oil. One of the schematics was of the most revolutionary clean energy system; the Bel Solar Cell, created by Kidwell Laboratories. Today’s leading solar cells convert 44% of the incoming sunlight into electricity, are very expensive and used only in space satellites. The Bel Solar Cell was silicon-free, converted 65% of the incoming sunlight to electricity and was made for the consumer market. Imagine how much this would revolutionize and benefit the entire world! This was like manna from heaven and I was stoked.

     Living in an electronicized, digitized and synthesized society and being the country boy that I am (my friends use to call me “Willy the Space Cowboy”) I accepted the General’s offer to travel to simpler, less complicated times. I returned to the Hexagon building on March 13, 2039 and got suited up in a superhero uniform tailored for my mission. Digital schematics of the revolutionary clean energy systems were loaded into my holopedia, which was stashed into a suitcase containing $50,000 cash for my living expenses in 1989 and then handed to me. I sat down on the time machine, flipped a switch on its controls and soluted the General. I heard a loud thunder clap, saw a bright flash of light and the room I was in vanished before my eyes. The time was 2:40am.


     I immediately found myself in a black void for what seemed like several hours and I couldn’t see or hear a thing.  I could no longer feel the floor beneath my feet… so I must have been floating. Was I floating underwater… or was I floating in outer space? I couldn’t see the moon and stars so it had to be something else besides space. There wasn’t any oxygen to breath, but for some strange reason I wasn’t suffocating. The thought occurred to me that I might be in this blank, empty vacuum until time itself came to a stop. I could feel my heart pounding fast inside my chest now. Suddenly, I saw a tiny, glowing yellow ring floating before me in the black void. I couldn’t tell if the yellow ring was small, or if it was large and far away. It was as if though I had no depth perception and when I closed my eyes I could still see the ring. Was it in my mind? I noticed it was growing larger – or was it moving towards me? The ring looked like a pineapple slice, blazing with yellow light. It grew larger and larger until it became so colossal in size that I could only see the hole in its center. Was I moving through the hole? All of a sudden I felt a tingling sensation surging throughout my body, like waves of static electricity. Then I heard another loud thunder clap and saw a bright flash of light. The time machine with me perched on it was suddenly on top of a moving car at a shopping mall parking lot in Bellingham, Washington, even though I was originally destined to arrive in Washington DC. I was so startled that I dropped my suitcase on the pavement. When the car came to a stop, I leaped off, ran back and grabbed my suitcase and then fled the parking lot like a bat out of hell. Hours later I came back to retrieve the time machine, but it was gone. The police had confiscated it.

     I went to a store in the shopping mall and bought myself some clothes and then rented a hotel room nearby. While sitting on my bed, I tried to turn on my holopedia to check what the current day and year was, but it would not function. The screen would not light up, nor would its AI computer talk to me. It was completely dead. The cosmic yellow ring I traveled through must have demagnetized the holopedia, erasing the schematics from its memory bank and fusing its circuits. With no schematics and no time machine, I was stranded in your timeline with absolutely nothing instrumental to save the future with. I felt panic stricken and depressed, realizing I’d never see my mother and father again, or any of my loved ones.

     I turned on the television in my room to see what the current day and year was. The news was on. Reporters were talking about how the entire province of Quebec, Canada had suffered an electrical power blackout that day on March 13, 1989. New York Power and New England Power lost megawatts of power, too. Space satellites were tumbling out of control and even the Space Shuttle Discovery was having its own mysterious problems. The news reporters attributed the electrical mayhem everywhere to an explosion on the sun that ejected a massive cloud of solar plasma that traveled a million miles an hour to the Earth’s magnetic field.

     Was the blazing yellow ring I passed through actually the massive cloud of solar plasma that traveled to Earth? Or did the shock-wave of my entry into March 13, 1989 cause all this to happen? I don’t think it was a coincidence. I believe I was the impetus to this bizarre occurrence. As strange as this may sound, whenever I take a shower and stick my head under the hot water, I see with my eyes closed the glowing yellow ring. Some people claim to “see” the yellow ring while they are on hallucinogenics and towards the end of the Byrds 1966 music video “Eight Miles High” you can see the yellow ring glowing in space. I was never much of a believer in paranormal phenomena. But after traveling a half-century backwards through time and through the cosmic yellow ring, I am now a devout believer.


     The $50,0000 given to me for my living expenses lasted me three years and I also worked under the table part-time as bartender and ice cream truck-driver. I have no social security number. My voice has been electronically disguised in my television and movie theater PSA’s as well as my film documentary. Since I can no longer revolutionize the world with futuristic clean energy systems, my new mission is to promote present-day clean energy systems any way I can in hopes to avert wars over oil in the future. I’ve been advocating present-day clean energy systems through international newspapers and magazines, as well as television and the Internet. I also plan a boycott on corporations which are involved in the research and development of carbon sequestration. If you own a home, or a place of business, I strongly encourage you to look at the database of loans, incentives and grants for clean energy systems. Please forward this blog to your friends and family so they can check out the database, too.

     In closing, I do realize that my adventures as a time traveler may seem a little far-fetched for some of you to believe. If you feel like I’ve insulted your intelligence through my chronicles, then I do sincerely apologize. If you think I’m out to lunch, then that’s fine, too. I really don’t mind. Maybe I’m just a big bullshit artist. Maybe I’m a madcap full of mischief and mirth. Or, maybe I’m not crazy and I’ve given you just the facts. Stranger things have occurred in the universe. I quote Robert Ripley: “Believe it, or not.”

     The following are a list of things in chronological order I have accomplished since I arrived in Bellingham, Washington:


  • 1989   I starred in “The Flush” which was a rock music video by bows & eros that was televised for several years on Bomb Shelter Videos and Northwest Rock. The whimsical music video had me pitted against three pollution villains in a paper mill factory and featured some hand-drawn cartoon animation. Soon after, Captain Ozone became famous on the West Coast, which inspired Turner Program Services to create Captain Planet that debut on television a year and a half after I first appeared in 1989. Hydrogen fuel was an esoteric subject matter in the late 1980’s. I had posters made about the merits of hydrogen fuel and posted them at universities in Washington State. I created Eco Art Day which involves people in collecting abandoned, used toilets and recycling them into fine works of art and then putting them out on public display on November 24th.
  • 1992   I did the voice in a radio PSA about the archaic Elwah Dam which was preventing salmon from spawning.
  • 1996   Environmental Media Northwest’s endangered Pacific Northwest salmon PSA starring me was televised and also played in movie theaters. It was the largest multi-media campaign ever to save the Pacific Northwest salmon. I helped pay for 1/3 of Environmental Media Northwest’s production costs for the television and movie theater PSA with my poker winnings. The same year, John McCain, as a joke, nicknamed Al Gore “Captain Ozone” after me.
  • 1997   I cofounded the Youth Ecology Program through Environmental Media Northwest. The Youth Ecology Program gives school kids a hands-on opportunity to write, direct and star in their own PSA’s about clean energy which are televised in the United States and Canada. Our kids produced the very first television PSA’s about the benefits of hydrogen fuel, geothermal energy and vegetable oil fuel. Just for fun, I did a public demonstration with a chainsaw on the merits of hemp motor oil before 40,000 citizens in Seattle.
  • 2010   I created Green Power Rally and tried to get citizens all over America to rally peacefully for clean energy. The rally flew like a led balloon and I got bummed out and haven’t done much to promote clean energy ever since. Nonetheless, Environmental Media Northwest wants to produce a PSA for television and the Internet that will feature my blog about getting loans, incentives and grants for clean energy systems. Environmental Media Northwest just needs to find a business to sponsor the planned PSA as a tax-deduction.             

     I will be posting news on the latest and greatest in solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and hydrogen power technologies and where to purchase them at low prices. Any zero-emissions energy source is what I’m interested in promoting, so if you have some good news on these particular clean energy sources, please send it my way. I won’t be posting any news about bio-fuels since they’re not zero-emissions.


Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies donated this education kit to Environmental Media Northwest since they educate kids on making clean energy television PSA’s. The kit comes with a solar panel and mini wind turbine that both generate electricity, which in turn is used for electrolysis that converts water into hydrogen gas for the fuel cell. The hydrogen fuel cell then powers a little propeller. You can purchase this kit for only $250 and it’s zero-emissions. This means you can can play with it indoors without getting asphyxiated!

Solar-Panels-Cottage (1)

     Thanks to Free Solar Quotes, millions of home owners are now saving $1,000 or more every year thanks to their rooftop solar panels. In fact, homeowners in areas with lots of sunlight are expected to earn as much as $64,000 over a 20 year period by selling surplus electricity to the power companies.

     There’s no question anymore, solar power is getting cheaper and more efficient. With the Solar Investment Tax Credit scheme, it’s a confident trend that’s very profitable for smart home owners happy to turn their roof’s into money makers without producing greenhouse gases. Reduce your carbon footprint and make extra money at it! Go to Free Solar Quotes now! 


     The Sun 10-watt 12-volt monocrystalline solar panel. Ideal for powering cellphones, tablets and laptops. 13″ X 14″ dimension. This little honey sells for only $20 at Sun Electronics and is one of the cheapest mini solar panels in the world. 

“It’s no good to go back in time.”


     This wind power assembly kit includes two styles of wind turbine blades and a gearbox with three different gear ratios. You can adjust the angle and number of wind turbine blades to make the best use of the wind. Thames & Kosmos make this baby for only $49.95 which generates electricity for cellphones, computers and rechargeable batteries. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty wind turbine for your rooftop to generate electricity for your washer and dryer, be prepared to spend at least $400. Long-lasting wind turbines that can withstand strong winds will cost you $1,000 or higher.


     Charge your laptop, cell phone or batteries with water from your tap with this mini hydro turbine! The PowerWheel™ basically turns pressurized, moving water from your tap into electricity. If your home has unmetered water then you’ll really be loggin’ with free electricity! Includes a fully assembled PowerWheel™, LED light strip, hose attachment, bridge rectifier to convert AC output to DC, and a user’s manual. The rated output is 12V at 5.5 watts. The damage is $164.50.


     Solar panels with the highest conversion efficiency rates are more expensive and not always cost-effective for home use. You can pay up to 50% more for solar panels that are just 1% more efficient. I did some researching on the Internet and the low-cost Silevo Triex R-Series give you the most bang for your bucks with conversion efficiency levels up to 18.4%. Silevo is truly demonstrating that a new paradigm of high performance to cost ratio panels can further reduce system costs and levelised cost of electricity. Silevo Triex panels have passed all IEC/UL environmental tests such as damp heat, thermal cycling and humidity freeze and come with a 25-year linear power warranty and 10-year product warranty.

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”


     This, my friends, will be one of the most promising clean energy sources of the not-too-distant future. One Energy Tower can supply enough electricity and purified water to a million homes with zero emissions! That’s right; no greenhouse gasses that cause global warming. Natural habitats don’t have to be flooded or fish populations depleted, like when hydroelectric dams are built. Solar and wind farms can take up 100 acres of land, where one Energy Tower requires only 4 acres of land. Plus, it works 24/7 unlike solar and wind power.  To see how it works, take a gander at this video.

     Some very odd things have been happening with my computer and my cell phone.  Three weeks ago my computer was acting glitchy and kept rebooting on its own, as if though it had a bad virus.  I scanned it for viruses and found none.  I then scanned it for Trojans and malware and discovered spyware in my computer’s primary memory bank. The virus scanner stated that the spyware was a high security risk and not just some common low-risk cookies tracker.  High security risk spyware can secretly transmit all your text, images, audio and video files to the person that planted the spyware in your computer. I quarantined the spyware.  Two days later my computer started acting up again and my virus scanner detected a different spyware program that was also a high security risk.  I quarantined it, just the same.  Since then, six more high risk spyware programs have been planted in my computer and all of them were under different names.  I’ve been very careful about opening attachments in my emails from unfamiliar sources since spyware programs can be embedded in the attachments.  Still and all, there are other ways to get spyware directly through the firewall into my computer.  On top of all this, in the last week, I’ve been hearing very faint voices and and electronic noises while talking on my cellphone. Most of the people I talked to over the cell phone could hear the faint voices and noises, as well.  I scanned my phone today and discovered a high security risk spyware program in it, too, which I just now deleted. So, I’ve got a digital peeping Tom…  and I suspect why.  I think it’s time to have the computer antisurveillance man pay me a visit, who I just found out is going to ding me $500/hr.


The Elysium Project 


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